Smart Tips for a Better Beach Vacation

Beach Vacation Myrtle BeachWhere do lifeguards look first when a child is lost on the beach? What everyday product makes sand fall away from skin? How can you take the pain out of a jellyfish sting? Our readers offer their best tips for a stress-free beach getaway:

Lifeguards tell us that when a young child is separated from the family, the first place they look is downwind? Wonder why? Because most children will follow the path of least resistance and walk with the wind – not against it. So if you are missing a kid or two, follow the wind.

After a day at the beach are you covered with sand? Do you hate to get into the car to drive back to your accommodations? Even if you are in walking distance, sand can chafe on your skin and cause irritation. Carry baby powder to the beach. Then sprinkle it on your skin and sand will fall right off.

Collecting sea shells can be fun while on your beach vacation. However, collecting “live” shells such as sand dollars, starfish or sea urchins is prohibited in some areas. Always check with the lifeguard or someone at your accommodations regarding the local rules.

Unfortunately there is always the treat of jellyfish or sand flies. Carry a spray bottle of white vinegar in your beach bag to get the sting right out.

Myrtle Beach is a popular beach town and local attractions can be pricy. Keep your eye out for coupon books such as the Monster book or Sunny Days for discounts on restaurants, attractions, fishing cruises and sightseeing.

Stores near the beach will often charge an arm and a leg to rent items such as beach boards or rafts for a few hours. Your best bet is to stop by a Dollar Store or Family Dollar on your way into town and buy the toys you need. Then bless another family on your last day by giving them the items you have left.

You can prevent your kids from getting lost when at the beach by bringing a very bright umbrella, then setup camp near a lifeguard or pier. This will make it easy for your kids to spot where you are should they wonder off down the beach.

Traveling with very small children or infants? While you are at the Dollar store, pick up a small inflatable baby pool. Then when you go to the beach, set it up next to your beach chairs and fill it with a few inches of water. She can enjoy the feel of being at the beach without the hazard of playing in the surf.

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