Myrtle Beach Vacation In-Law Survival Tips

Myrtle Beach VacationAdding in-laws to the picture of any family vacation can be tough. But sometimes, traveling together just makes sense. If you are in the right mind frame, your Myrtle Beach vacation can actually become even better with your in-laws along. Following are our three tips for survival when traveling to Myrtle Beach with your in-laws.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Survival Tips

1. Plan to have some time apart. This might actually be the best tip of all. It’s all fine and good to travel with in-laws, but be sure to plan some healthy time away from each other. And don’t go spending all your “time apart” complaining and nagging about in-law issues or arguing with your spouse. Make this time apart be just to enjoy yourself. If you can plan this time apart each day you’re on your Myrtle Beach vacation, that’s even better. We’re not talking huge excursions here-just a couple of hours away will help you and them to be more refreshed and able to enjoy family time.

If you can, mix it up and vary your time spent apart. During some activities on your Myrtle Beach vacation, you might want to take the kids along and give your in-laws time to themselves. During some different outings, leave the kids with the in-laws so you and your spouse can catch some quality time alone. But be sure and plan these things ahead.

2. Communicate clearly about what you want. Communication gaps can be one of the most frustrating aspects of traveling with any family members, especially your in-laws. Be sure you and your spouse talk ahead of time about who is going to discuss what with the in-laws and deciding just what you all want from the trip. Understand also that this includes communicating your wishes about taking time on your own to explore as well as having quality time with them. Make sure everyone understands that you will need time on your own during the Myrtle Beach Vacation and that you want them to be free as well.

If you haven’t already, it is helpful to go ahead and talk about financial aspects of your trip. Who’s paying for what, and so forth. How will food and lodging be paid for on your Myrtle Beach vacation? It might feel a bit awkward to talk these things through, but if you can vacation together, you can certainly get through talking about money together!

3. Adjust your attitude and keep a positive mindset. Don’t approach your trip with a sense of dread. That’s no fun for anyone. Rather, keep an open mind, low expectations and an attitude of gratitude for your in-laws. This attitude can be the key in making it a fantastic trip that you’re all eager to repeat.

Taking additional people can be a strain on any trip, but the emotional boundaries and ties that in-laws bring to the dynamic can bring unique challenges. Being sure to express your appreciation for them for things like baby-sitting and other help, can go a long way in helping all of you enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation. Life is too short not to spend time with loved ones and family so go do it and know it’s time well spent!

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