Myrtle Beach Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Booking Tips

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo RentalsMore and more travelers are opting to stay in Myrtle Beach pet friendly vacation rentals than in hotels primarily because of the flexibility and high comfort it provides at an affordable price. This is especially beneficial if you are vacationing with a group of people such as your friends and family.

Unfortunately, because of their continuous popularity, fraudulent rental ads are now scattered throughout the country. Sometimes their strategies seem real and legit until you arrive on the day of your vacation and realize that the inviting and relaxing rental you saw in the photos is actually an empty building. And, when you contact the owner to verify, they can no longer be reached.

There are lots of other condo rentals out there that could save your vacation from being ruined. On the other hand, it will be difficult for you to forget about the money you paid to reserve the rental, and, the time and excitement you put into the preparation process. To avoid all this regret and disappointment, it is important that you be very careful and vigilant while checking out Myrtle Beach pet friendly vacation rentals. Before making your final decision and booking for a rental, here are some things that you might want to keep in mind.

• Spend more time reading through comments and reviews. One of your best sources for honest and legit information about the rental you are considering booking is the comments and reviews. On the other hand, be sure to spend a lot of time reading through them. Do not stop when you see several four or five star rating and good comments such as “great view, very relaxing” or “enjoyed our stay, will definitely come back”.

You might be surprised to find lots of helpful bits of information from reading through reviews if you will just spend a little more time in digging deeper. You are basically looking for reviews that tell something about the rental such as the condition of the water heater or the number of available seating and space. Bear in mind that these types of reviews are often buried deep into the feedbacks and reviews.

• Verify and confirm all the fees that you need to pay. Keep in mind that the rental fees are not the only expense you will pay for. Most often, the rates indicated in most ads of Myrtle Beach pet friendly vacation rentals are not final. These change when you choose a date and by the time you are booking.

Moreover, you should also consider inquiring about other fees that you will pay for because in addition to the rental fee, some rentals have additional fees that they require the vacationer to pay such as utilities bills, cable and internet, cleaning fees. While you are asking about this, you might as well ask whether or not they accept credit card payments so that you can prepare cash in case they prefer this mode of payment.

• Read the rental ad description very thoroughly. If you need more information about the rental, all you need to do is read through the advertisement. Everything you need to know is indicated in the ad. This will save you time from calling the rental and making a phone inquiry. When reading through the ad, look for important bits of details about the rental such as the condition of the a/c unit and parking options. Many rental owners will also include information about their rules and limitations in their rental ad.

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