Tips To Book Oceanfront Condo Rentals For First-Time Renters

If you will be going on a vacation for a couple of weeks for the first time, you would naturally want some tips and recommendations on how to look for the best and most suitable oceanfront condo rentals. And this is probably the reason why you ended up reading this article.

Going on a vacation and leaving your home for more than a week could truly be scary for beginners. There are lots of things to consider, such as finding an affordable place to stay that is conveniently located, while providing you with easy access to all the areas and sites you want to visit. You’ll also want to think about the safety and security of your home. If you plan to book online, which is the norm today; you might not have assurance about whether or not you are booking with a legitimate rental agency.

To avoid these issues and ensure a stress-free and truly unforgettable vacation, here are some tips you can use while looking for Myrtle Beach condo rentals.

  • Inquire about a booking charge and clarify how much that would be. This usually ranges around 5%-10% of the rental cost.
  • Clarify what is specifically included and excluded in the rental charge. Some include in their rental fee the necessary sheets, towels, pots and pans, as well as necessary appliances such as a stove or washing machine.
  • Make sure you have the property owner or rental company representative put everything in writing that you agree on. You should receive a copy of this legalized document and scan it to ensure it includes every important detail such as the rental dates, expenses and charges to be paid, and the rules that you will have to follow while using the rental.
  • Decide whether you will need assistance with sight-seeing activities, etc. Most condo rentals will not include this type of service, although some do. They can, however, give you lots of ideas to pursue on your own!
  • Find out about the company’s payment and cancellation policies. Most rental companies require a payment of 20-30% of the total rental price in order to reserve the unit, with the balance due at check-in
  • If you’ve chosen which vacation rental to go for and you are required to pay a reservation fee, opt to use your Visa card and pay online. Otherwise, you can use other secure online payment service, for such as, Paypal. These will be a more secure way to pay compared to paying with cash or personal check.

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Vacation Rentals: Enjoy More Freedom and Privacy During Your Stay

Myrtle Beach Vacation rentalsAre you preparing your upcoming vacation? Are you excited to book a hotel where you and your family will stay? Hold your horses. You might want to consider staying at a vacation rental instead. This option offers a lot of benefits like more privacy, freedom, and amenities. Additionally, vacation rentals are usually more affordable than typical hotel rooms. If you want to know more, read on.

We all have different vacation ideas. Although there are those who prefer things to be provided, requiring minimal effort, there are those who love to try out new things. Fortunately, such options are widely available today, especially in the hospitality industry. Some people may consider the ideal vacation as staying in a lavish hotel room with room service. There are also those who give great attention to privacy and freedom and most of them go for vacation rentals. Just like all things sold in the market, vacation rentals also have their own set of pros and cons. But still, they remain as the perfect alternative to hotel rooms.

So how is a vacation rental different from a hotel room? A vacation rental is generally a condo, private house, cottage or cabin that a property manager or owner rents out on a short-term basis. Rather than being confined to one room or tiny suite, you will have the entire house to yourself but with all the amenities required. It is like you are staying in your own home but at a location of your choosing and packed with amenities that will make your stay worth your while. Myrtle Beach vacation rentals offer more space, which is a good thing if you are traveling with your family or friends. If you come to think of it, having a spacious vacation rental is more affordable then booking multiple rooms.

Vacation rentals also provide amenities that are commonly found in a home and are usually not offered in a hotel room. For instance, a few vacation rentals offer a private swimming pool, fully equipped kitchens, and more. Being able to cook your own meals during your trip will help you a save a lot on restaurant bills. Apart from that, you will enjoy the privacy that a home provides if you stay at a vacation rental since no hotel staff and other guests will disturb you. As mentioned earlier, vacation rentals are cheaper especially on a per night basis than a standard hotel room. Prices will be based on certain features such as the available amenities, number of rooms, and many more.

When choosing a vacation rental, be sure to do your homework. You have to get all the information you need by performing up-front research about the vacation rentals to ensure that you will not end up feeling disappointed during your stay. You should also be ready to be independent since there is no room service. It is essential for you to clarify all the details before you finalize and book the vacation rental. In case these things have been handled, you will surely enjoy your vacation while staying at an affordable yet classy vacation rental.

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Things You May Not Have Known About Vacation Rentals

Myrtle Beach vacation rentalIf you love traveling, you may have gotten used to booking hotels. But have you ever tried staying in a vacation rental? This option is currently representing a great unknown, which can be the primary reason why it is the subject of countless myths. Given that, we have decided to come up with a list of things that you may not have known about vacation rentals.

Daily Maid Service

The majority of rental owners make sure that their condo rental is properly cleaned before a new guest arrives. Most of them offer maid services on a day to day basis to make sure that the place is as tidy as a hotel room. They know that dirty rentals get bad reviews and do not last that long in the hospitality industry. Contrary to the common notion, vacation rentals have housekeepers who will make sure that your room is spotlessly clean when you arrive.


Many owners treat their condo rentals as a business and that means they will try to get as many clients as possible. Some travelers think that the Myrtle Beach vacation rental owner will check on them every day to make sure that the place is in good condition. That is not the case. They will only show up upon your request because they respect your privacy.

Rental Scams

Among the primary sources of apprehension is the news about rental scams. Nobody wants to land in an unknown place and find out that the vacation rental you booked does not exist and the security deposit you paid for is gone. However, rental scams are not that common and they can be avoided too. Only do business with rental owners who have documented online rental history like regular listings, reviews, complaints filed in the Better Business Bureau and etc. Steer clear of free listing sites as possible especially those that do not verify the owners’ identity.

Security Deposit

You may be asked to pay for at least $500 as a security deposit. It’s no wonder why many travelers get so worried. However, that amount cannot compare to the lifetime value of having a happy and satisfied client and that means a good vacation rental owner will not jeopardize their customer’s repeat business by keeping the money without any good explanation. Surely, rental owners want to protect their business against abusive renters, but when it comes to building goodwill, many of these rental owners usually ignore the occasional spill on their couch just to keep your business.

Great Service

Most rental owners hire out property managers who are tasked to take care of daily issues with the vacation rental. This includes any concerns that may arise throughout the duration of your stay. It is better if you go with a vacation rental that has a property manager. He or she will handle any concerns you may have. The property manager will act on it immediately to make sure that you have a satisfactory, enjoyable, and memorable stay.

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Find The Best Vacation Rental For Your Upcoming Summer Vacation

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo RentalsAre you excited about your upcoming summer getaway? Are you considering a vacation rental instead of the conventional hotels for your next trip? Vacation rentals offer many advantages at a cheaper cost from a more spacious room and getting access to other amazing amenities. But before you sign any contract, there are certain factors that you have to consider to make sure that you are getting a good deal and for you to have an accommodation that is appropriately located and well maintained.

You have to options when it comes to looking for a vacation rental – rent from a management company or directly from the property owner. When researching for vacation rentals, you should have a list of available accommodations, which should meet all prerequisites you may have. Be sure to get in touch with the right person via email or phone call to get more information regarding the vacation rental you wish to have. You also have to be comfortable with the transaction. For example, you may wish to avoid those who constantly send you emails asking you if you have chosen your vacation rental and go with one that takes time to answer your questions rather than those that only gives you vague responses.

When it comes to the price to pay, the amount will vary depending on different factors like the state, the number of days you plan to stay, kind of rental you want to have. You might come across package deals that include sightseeing events, tickets, and the vacation rental, too. Some owners offer bonus days if you stay for a certain length of time and there are also those who provide extra or free house cleaning services. There are those who offer other services and provide other essential items for you and your family like a crib, wheelchair, or high chair. You should also be wary of hidden fees so be sure to be thorough when talking to the owner of the vacation rental that you are considering.

Once you find a vacation rental Myrtle Beach that is suitable for your needs, the next thing you need to do is to finalize the deal. When you fill out the rental agreement, you have to honest about the number of people who will be staying as well as their ages. During the duration of your stay, be sure to treat the vacation rental like your own home. Before you leave, don’t forget to clean up and report any anything that may have been damaged during your stay.

You will get access to various amenities if you choose the right vacation rental like Compass Cove Resort. These include an indoor water park, exercise room, whirlpools, video game room, restaurants, swimming pool and many more. The oceanfront condos in Compass Cove Resort are professionally designed and decorated. Their condo rental comes with a granite counter, ceramic tile kitchen and bath, and various other lavish features. Compass Cove is known for its amazing amenities. It has 21 pool features, which makes it a stunningly beautiful water wonderland.

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Basic Rules When Choosing An Oceanfront Condo Rental

Myrtle Beach condo rentalIf you are often away on vacation, you probably have identified the best oceanfront condo rentals to stay in. But for those individuals going on a week-long vacation for the first time, they might not know anything about renting a vacation home. These are often the people who end up with a less than thrilling – sometimes stressful – vacation. This is primarily because of the surprises and unexpected accommodation that greet them when they arrive.

To avoid these surprises and risk ruining your well-planned and much anticipated vacation, here are a few rules you’ll need to keep in mind when choosing a Myrtle Beach condo rental.

Always read reviews

Do not just rely on the ad’s descriptions and accompanying images. Look for customer reviews and client feedback. If there are a couple of reviews on their site, then you can tell this rental company is worth considering. If there are none, it may indicate that not many previous tenants and guests were happy with their rentals. Do not be afraid to spend a little more time digging through the internet to look for both positive and negative reviews on a certain vacation rental. The extra time and effort may mean ensuring a satisfying and ultimately relaxing vacation.

Check the surroundings

Use Google or GPS maps available throughout the internet to check out the surrounding of the oceanfront condo rentals you are considering for your vacation. Make sure you find nothing that will cause disturbance while you are having your vacation. This is most especially true if the main point of going on vacation is to relax and have a serene and peaceful time out from everything else that is going on in your life. Making sure the area is clean and just as you like it for your vacation will help ensure a successful and truly memorable vacation.

Go through the description very carefully

One of the most important parts of the description that you need to really and carefully look at are the amenities that come with the rental. Make sure all the appliances and kitchen tools you need are available in the rental or on hand in the area. If not, you can always pack them and take them with you, although this would mean additional weight on the luggage and additional time in the checkout counter.

Don’t forget about the transportation

Another very important thing you need to consider when choosing a rental is the transportation. Make sure transportation in the area is easily accessible. This is most especially true if you have no plans of renting a car as well. You don’t want to be late for the dinner reservation you made, right? So make sure you will be able to get around the area easily even without your own car.

If you’re ready to find that rental home for your next vacation, check out Oceanfront Condo Rentals now.

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Things To Do During Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

Oceanfront Condo Rentals Myrtle BeachThere are certain places in this world that can be considered as a travel destination at any time of the year. It is the best place to go to with your family and kids during their summer vacation. Myrtle Beach is also packed with tourists including golfers during Spring and Fall. People visit Myrtle Beach from February through December due to many reasons like a romantic Valentines escape, enjoyable holiday getaway, as well as for holiday shopping.

A Family Friendly Vacation Destination

Various exciting places including shopping centers, dining establishments, condo rentals and even arcades are scattered across Myrtle Beach. Avid fishermen, both new and seasoned, can spend some time relaxing in the waves of the sea and catching big game. Sailboats and sports fishing boats will be on the docks and the horizon. Myrtle Beach is an oasis for all those who love outdoor activities. You will also see lots of seafood restaurants offering delicious seafood cuisines. Your Myrtle Beach vacation will never be complete if you don’t try some of the most popular dishes made of crabs, shrimps, or oysters.

Watch Live Shows at Theatres

Myrtle Beach is also famous for its many different nighttime activities. It is filled with many live entertainment theatres, which present family-friendly shows. Keep all your loved ones fully entertained from sun up till sundown. There will never by a dull moment during your Myrtle Beach vacation. You can choose to go to the Celebration Music Theatre, Medieval Times, Carolina Opry, Palace Theatre, or the Alabama Theater. You may also visit the House of Blues. Who knows? Your favorite band might be playing there.

Enjoy Myrtle Beach Attractions

Myrtle Beach is extremely famous because of its family friend tourist attractions. There are plenty of recreational opportunities to choose from like miniature golf, aquarium, and IMA theatres. You will find all these in Myrtle Beach, SC. You will also see an oceanfront water park and an amusement park, which you and your kids will surely love. If you are looking for some other ways to relax, you can go for dolphin watch tours, horseback riding, or perhaps visit a zoo. If you wish to chill out, listen to good music while dancing to the beat, Myrtle Beach will never run out of beach clubs, which you can visit. With so many things you can do in this place, you and your whole family will find it hard to simply sit down and just relax in your Myrtle Beach condo rental. All of you will have a good time. Create and share happy memories. Make your Myrtle Beach vacation an unforgettable one.

Shop For Some Great Stuff

If you are on a Myrtle Beach vacation, you will find it really easy to shop till you drop. The streets are filled with stores selling different items. A few popular destinations include The Market Common, Barefoot Landing, as well as Broadway at the Beach. You will also find a lot of antique stores and thrift shops. Choose between lakefront stores and high-end retailers. You will surely find a lot of things you will definitely want to buy.

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Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Tips When Travelling With Kids

Myrtle Beach VacationIf you are planning for a weekend getaway with the whole family this summer, considering Myrtle Beach vacation rentals would be a better option for you. Vacationing with a huge family can be costly if all of you plan to stay in a hotel. Add to this the other costs that you need to pay for while on vacation – food, transportation, shopping, entertainment and activities.

You want everybody including the kids to enjoy without spending a lot of money. You don’t want the adults to get stressed out looking after their children and ensuring they have a great time. Most importantly, you want everyone to have a great time.

Follow these vacation rental tips for a kid-and-budget-friendly summer!

  • Ensure the kids safety when staying at the rental.

If you are travelling with toddlers who like to explore their surroundings, you can consider bringing some of your baby-proofing tools such as outlet covers. This will give you peace of mind and you won’t have to keep a closer eye on your little ones.

When travelling with bigger kids, reminding them of the safety rules you apply at home should also be implemented wherever you will be staying for your vacation. When leaving them at home without any other adult supervision, make sure they know not to open the door to anyone and not to leave the doors unlocked.

  • Learn everything you can about kids clubs.

If you plan to leave your children in a kids club while you explore an area where the kids are not allowed, make sure you learn everything you can about the kids clubs. Do a background check on the establishment as well as on all the individuals working on the club. Ask about how they deal with kids’ allergies and how they ensure the safety of the kids put under their care.

  • Ask Myrtle Beach vacation rentals for special offers and discounts to travelers with kids.

Do not be afraid to ask about their special offers for travelers with kids. The goal of most vacation rentals is to satisfy their guests – including their kids – and ensure a comfortable stay in their rental. Some of the things they offer commonly include stuffed animals, kids board games, rubber ducks for bath time, indoor activities and games for the kids so they can burn some of their energy left from a day of exploring before bed time.

Some rentals have their own game room for little travelers. If you didn’t find any, you can ask what they can offer as a form of entertainment for small children. There’s nothing wrong in asking so don’t be embarrassed by it. It’s part of their job to ensure a great and comfortable stay in their rentals. Simply ask them and you might be surprised what they have to offer you and your kids.

The best time to ask for specific things you might need to take care of your children while on vacation is when you’re making reservations. If there are some things you need for your children, ask for them before you arrive at the condo rental. It will be less stressful for you to have everything you need and ready for your use when you arrive. It will also be easier for the rental staff to prepare everything you need.

Travelling with children and the whole family is the best way to spend your vacation. Make happy summer memories with your children by ensuring you all have a great time.

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Escape The Cold This Winter & Get Great Rates On Oceanfront Condos

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo RentalsDo you want to do something special during this time of the year? Do you want to escape the cold?  If you wish to make this winter season an unforgettable one not only for you but also for your family without having to spend too much cash, you might want to consider going to Myrtle Beach and staying at one of their oceanfront condo rentals. As opposed to what you might be thinking at this very moment, that going on a winter vacation is expensive, opting for oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach will actually be suitable for your limited budget. Just make sure that you plan properly.

Affordable Oceanfront Condos During The Off Season

Vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach are in fact rather budget friendly during the winter months compared to the rates during summer, which is usually expensive due to strong demand. During winter, it is possible for you to rent rooms for as low as $30 per night. This rate is perfect for all those who wish to go on vacation but are on a shoestring budget. You will have a good time as long as you don’t mind having restricted amenities and view that your room provides.

On the other hand, if you have the funds to go on a luxurious vacation by yourself or together with your family, you can rent out Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos with lavish amenities like multiple bedrooms and baths, full bedrooms, and a lot for a minimum of $200 per night.

It does not matter what kind of oceanfront condo you wish to rent, you will be able to get great rates during the winter season. For instance, you may be able to get a one-bedroom suite with an ocean view as well as a little kitchen for as low as $80 per night during this time of the year. This very same room costs a whopping $200 per night if you try to rent it during summer.

Booking a vacation in Myrtle Beach during winter is not difficult. You can do this using different travel websites these days. Some of them feature virtual tours of the hotels and oceanfront condos that are showcased on their sites. They also provide a complete description of each room. Another way to book for rooms is by checking out the website of the hotel. You will get more information regarding the amenities provided as well as the rates of their rooms. Some also feature photos of their rooms, lobbies, views, and even a presentation of their floor plan.

There are also lots of things you can do during your stay. Myrtle Beach has lots of recreation and entertainment centers. You will find tourist spots that will suit your needs and your budget. Search the web and you will find tips as to what activities you can do during your stay here at Myrtle Beach.

Call Oceanfront Condo Rentals if you want to book an affordable room for your winter Myrtle Beach vacation.

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Why is winter a great time to rent an oceanfront condo at Compass Cove in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo RentalsWhen the summertime tourists have gone back to their homes and the locals start to enjoy their own tourist spots, renting an oceanfront condo at Compass Cove in Myrtle Beach should be on top of your list if you are looking for the best vacation spot at this time of the year.

Give the seasonal rates, you will surely enjoy bargain prices offered by oceanfront condos during winter. Apart from enjoying great prices, you will also delight in the many different amenities that they have to offer indoor swimming pools. Your oceanfront condo rental may also come with a private balcony where you can enjoy the amazing view of the ocean. Don’t forget to pack everything you need before your travel.

Unlike other places, you don’t have to worry about icy and snowy streets and there is no need to keep the fire stoked when you are staying at an oceanfront condo rental at Compass Cove in Myrtle Beach. You can choose from a wide array of Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo rentals. Why don’t you turn your winter vacation into a much longer and needed retreat? There are many things you can do in this part of the U.S. If you are an avid golfer, you will surely enjoy the many golf courses within the area. If you like theaters, there are many options for you to choose from.

Are you craving for seafood? Then Myrtle Beach is the place to be. You will find lots of seafood restaurants that grill, steam, bake, broil, and fry delicious seafood. Never go hungry during your winter escapade. Choose from la carte menus and eat-all-you-can buffets, Compass Cove in Myrtle Beach has everything in store for you.

If you have finally decided to go for oceanfront condos Myrtle Beach, here are some tips to help you choose the best one. Begin by visiting different vacation rentals online. There are certain sites that let you save your preferred properties for easy comparison. You should always compare the rates, conditions, views, and amenities before signing a rental agreement.

If you are planning to bring your pet, be sure that it is allowed in the oceanfront rental that you have chosen. If you have kids, ask if they can provide baby gates or if you will be with an older family member, be sure the property you choose does not have that many steps. If you are planning to have cookouts, you also need to find out if the grill is in good condition.

You should also ask for a written contract and double check if everything that was promised is included. Read the fine print too and be sure that you understand and agree to all of it. Don’t forget to get the name and contact number of the property manager in case something goes wrong during your stay.

Call Oceanfront Condo Rentals if you are looking for the best accommodation for your winter vacation at Compass Cove in Myrtle Beach.

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Why Rent Your Summer Condo Rental Early?

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

At first, you might think that securing a summer condo rental seems like an easy thing to do. You simply have to contact a reputable company or check listings online, pay the fees, and that’s it! Not exactly! The truth is that even after you have done your research, scoring your ideal vacation destination can be challenging. Given the increasing competition among rental seekers, which is one of the primary causes of the price increase, getting the perfect vacation rental at the price you can afford will be a daunting task for procrastinators this year. Because of that, we’ve listed some tips to give you a head start this season.

Start Early

According to experts, travelers book early in popular vacation spots including oceanfront condo rentals with a limited inventory at least six months before their scheduled getaway. It might seem excessive for a few, you need to remember that vacation rentals, especially the good ones, usually book fast. Prices are expected to increase during summer and that is why booking ahead of time allows for increased inventory at different price points. Planning ahead and booking in advance will make it easier for travelers to find a summer condo rental that has the right number of rooms, bathrooms, and amenities.

If you don’t know where to start, the first thing that you have to do is determine where you want to go. Consult different sources like friends, family, and colleagues. You may even try to check different websites or talk to reliable real estate agents.

Limited Availability

Industry analysts also noted that there is a big difference between the supply and demand economics of vacation rentals and hotels. They said the price of one room at a property during a popular holiday weekend might vary depending on when you book. This does not always apply to Myrtle Beach vacation rentals. Even though rental rates do not fluctuate that often compared to hotel prices, booking early remains crucial. Keep in mind that a rental is only good for a single guest or a group of people at a time. It is therefore important to lock in your desired place before someone else can take your spot. This simply means that if you wish to get a vacation rental this summer, you have to act immediately.

Last-Minute Bookings Are Not Ideal

In today’s busy market, it is not ideal to wait around for a deal to come around until late in the season of May. You might not be able to get the room that you want. Although for some, holding off is not a good strategy. But for others, booking late can be an opportunity to snag great deals. You may search online for special promotions or limited time deals, if you are looking for last minute vacation rentals. This will help you identify any rental perks or discounts that you might be able to get.

You should be prepared, proactive, and motivated if you wish to find great bargains for your summer vacation rental. Call Oceanfront Condo Rentals for your upcoming summer vacation.

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