What NOT To Forget When Booking Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals

Myrtle Beach condo rentalsLooking for a condo to spend your vacation becomes a truly arduous task especially with the long list of Myrtle Beach condo rentals you’ll need to consider and look at. Aside from identifying where you want to spend your vacation, where you’ll stay while on your vacation, and setting a budget for your accommodation costs, there are lots more things you need to consider and plan for.

Indeed, the booking process is indeed difficult especially if this will be your first time to do it. And with all the things that you need to accomplish, plan for, and look at, you are bound to forget some aspects of the booking process.

In this article, you will find the top things that most vacationers tend to forget along the booking process. Listed below are the things you should not forget when booking Myrtle Beach condo rentals.

Look at hidden fees – There are lots of fees involved in the booking process. There are fees that you will need to pay to reserve a condo unit, to complete the booking process, and before you check in. Ensure you are well informed of all the fees that you need to pay before, during, and after your stay in the condo unit. Check the fine print or directly ask a representative about all the fees that they would require you to pay. This helps you set a more realistic budget for your vacation.

Ignoring transactions with middle man – Regardless of how tempting their offer is to make the booking process much easier for you, do NOT fall into the traps of middle men. Anything they can do, you can do on your own by putting in sufficient time and effort. Keep in mind that transacting with middle men only results to added costs to your vacation.

Confirming housekeeping arrangements and services – Myrtle Beach condo rentals offer different types of housekeeping arrangements and services. Do not assume that it is the same for every condo rental. Some offer daily housekeeping with no added costs, while others require you to pay additional fees for the housekeeping services. You need to confirm this before you finalize the booking process to ensure there will not be any misunderstandings when it comes to housekeeping services.

Assuming there is 24/7 customer service – Similarly with housekeeping services, not all condo rentals in Myrtle Beach offer 24/7 customer service. You need to clarify this with the rental owner so that you know who you could call or where you can go in case of emergency situations after office hours or in the middle of the night.

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How To Save Money With Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals

condo rentals Myrtle BeachIf you want to cut some costs on your next family weekend getaway, consider staying at Myrtle Beach condo rentals instead of the traditional hotel rooms. There are many benefits in renting a condo unit over staying in a hotel, especially if the entire family will be coming along. Of course, you would save on rent because even though one condo unit may cost more than one hotel room, you won’t possibly need more than one condo unit to fit all members of your family unlike with a hotel. Plus, you can also save on money for food as you can cook your own food in a condo unit instead of always dining out or ordering from the hotel kitchen. But did you know that there a lot more ways to save money in Myrtle Beach condo rentals? Here are some valuable tips:

Get the final number of people who will be going with you on vacation.

Do not settle for an approximate number of people who will be going with you. It is important to know how many people will be going to help you decide what size of condo to rent. There are condo units that can fit six, ten, 12 or even more individuals. On the other hand, keep in mind that the larger the rental unit, the more expensive it will likely be. Also in line with this, if many of your family members will be going, you won’t necessarily need a condo with many rooms. Consider bringing sleeping bags so some of you can occupy other areas in the condo unit – such as the living room – for sleeping.

Decide whether you will need the offered amenities.

There are Myrtle Beach condo rentals that are offered with added features such as the use of amenities. When inquiring for a condo rental, find out whether or not they have this feature and ask what types of amenities they offer. Then, discuss with the rest of the family if you really need this feature and whether or not you are actually going to use the amenities. If not, you can still rent the unit without the added feature at a lower fee.

Schedule your vacation wisely.

Rental fees of the same condo unit may change depending on the season. It will be significantly higher in the tourism season and will be relatively lower a few weeks before summer vacation starts. If you want to save money on rent, schedule your vacation when rental fees are lower and when there are no festivals or events happening in the area.

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Why Opt For A Budget-Friendly Myrtle Beach Winter Vacation?

Oceanfront Condos In Winter Myrtle BeachIf you want to make winter especially memorable for the entire family but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you might want to consider going for a Myrtle Beach winter vacation. In contrast to what you are thinking right now – that no vacation, especially in winter, will be cheap – spending the winter season in Myrtle Beach can actually fit your budget if you know how you plan.

Myrtle Beach in the off season is cheap and cost-effective.

Accommodation in Myrtle Beach is actually quite affordable in the winter season than in summer where rental fees rapidly soar because of the strong demand. During winter, you can rent rooms for under $30 per night. This could completely fit your budget especially if you don’t mind the limited amenities and views from each room.

If you are looking to spend the time of your life and have your family experience the luxury life, you can rent condos with full kitchen, multiple bedrooms and baths and a long list of luxury amenities for about $200 per night.

Whatever type of condo or room you rent, you can be sure to get at a considerably lower price in the winter season. In fact, the average one-bedroom suite that has an ocean view and a kitchenette only costs $60-$80 per night during the winter season. If you try to book the very same room in summer, its rent would be as much as $200 per night.

Booking your Myrtle Beach winter vacation is easy and simple.

You can easily book for a Myrtle Beach winter vacation through major travel websites. Most of them even have a map to give you a virtual tour of the hotel and the beachfront. Aside from these, each room description indicates whether or not it is oceanfront or if it has a view of the ocean.

You can also book for rooms by visiting the hotel’s website. They provide more information about the amenities they offer and their rates. Some also have photos of their lobby and rooms as well as an overview of their floor plan. Before you book for a room, find out whether or not they offer winter specials or discounts. This will provide you with even more savings.

There will surely be a lot to do during your Myrtle Beach winter vacation.

Spending winter in Myrtle Beach will surely not get boring as there are lots of entertainments and recreation centers you can visit. There is one for every age and budget level. With a few quick searches on the Internet, you will u have a long list of things to do that you’ll have problem how you would be able to accomplish them all in your stay.

You can also get information on recreation and entertainment in the area from the brochures in hotel lobbies. These brochures often have discount coupons that you can use to further save money while on your vacation.

Similarly with rental rates, souvenir and other gift items are also offered at a considerably cheaper price than during the summer season. In fact, you can buy quality merchandise such as shirts, swimwear, and sunglasses in the many beach and surf stores along Kings Highway.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to eat, the best persons to ask are hotel employees because aside from knowing the area well, they also know the most affordable restaurants to eat.

Winter doesn’t have to be dull for the entire family. Perk up the season by going on a frugal vacation in Myrtle Beach.

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Plan A Frugal Getaway With Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Myrtle Beach Vacation RentalsThose going on a vacation often prefer to stay in Myrtle Beach vacation rentals because of its cost-efficiency. It allows them to have a relaxing and extremely comfortable time without spending a lot of money. This is especially true for those whose goal is to de-stress and have a quiet time for themselves without worrying about their job responsibilities and other daily tasks.

Below are some other tips to help you plan a frugal getaway.

  1. Use your own car – If you live far from Myrtle Beach, you may be considering travelling via plane. Although this is indeed a luxury and saves you travel and commute time, think about how much this will add to your vacation budget. Add to this the cost of a rental car if you booked at a secluded area. Weigh the costs between flying and using your own car. You might be surprised to find out that you’ll save more by driving your car.
  2. Delay the date – Summer is peak season in most popular travel and beach destinations all over the country. Aside from spending your vacation with lots other people, resulting to waiting in long lines and driving through heavy traffic, every cost will double and cost more. So, if you want to save money or have better use of your vacation money, book in off-peak season such as during the winter holiday season. Plus, you are sure to get the quiet alone time for relaxation in many Myrtle Beach vacation rentals since there will most likely be fewer people during this time.
  3. Stay in Myrtle Beach vacation rentals – Compared to hotels, experts would agree that vacation rentals are cheaper and more cost-effective. This is especially true if you have had experience living in a less luxurious accommodation. Also, this could work if living in a rental, on your own, without 24/7 hotel room service, appeals to you.
  4. Consider other funding sources – There are various funding sources around you that you can consider to help complete your vacation. If you are finding it a bit difficult to spend your vacation with limited funding, you can look at other financial sources like using your reward points and prizes from your credit cards and debit cards and collecting loose change.

Anyone can have a frugal getaway with proper planning and preparations. Call Oceanfront Condo Rentals now to inquire about their Myrtle Beach vacation rentals.

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Spend Thanksgiving 2016 In A Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo

Oceanfront Condo Myrtle BeachThanksgiving is among the most amazing times of the year. You get to take pleasure in a huge meal without feeling guilty, then hit the shops the day after for a day of shopping and after that you can get back to your oceanfront condo and relax for the remainder of the weekend before heading back to work on Monday.

Have you ever considered spending this holiday at the beach? We’ve got 3 top reasons why you must think about investing your 2016 Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach at an oceanfront condo.

Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach

  1. Incredible Food: While enjoying a large Thanksgiving meal with fantastic friends and family is usually the highlight of the weekend, why not bring everyone to Myrtle Beach and enjoy it in a problem-free way? No preparation, no cleanup, no dirty kitchen area to fret about! There are a range of neighboring alternatives for your Thanksgiving Day feast including buffets and order-ahead pickup choices (so you can enjoy your amazing meal seaside from your condo space!). Neighboring Thanksgiving choices consist of Carolina Roadhouse (11 a.m. to 10 p.m.), Hard rock Café (seatings noon till 4:30 p.m.) and New York Prime (routine menu 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.). Pick-up alternatives include Croissants Bistro and Bakery. Bookings are either needed or highly advised for most put on Thanksgiving so make certain to call ahead to your selected restaurant.
  2. Enjoyable: What’s more fun than awakening on Thanksgiving Day with an oceanfront sunrise, taking a ride down the lazy river and having an afternoon cocktail as you watch the waves? Then, after your Thanksgiving meal, you can settle back on the beach, lounge by the swimming pool or go out to delight in the regional night life. If you have never visualized your Thanksgiving as including the beach, you might want to try it out!
  3. Shopping: Myrtle Beach has some of the best shopping areas around. With several outlet malls, Broadway At The Beach and Barefoot Landing, just to name a few places to shop, Black Friday deals are close at hand. Nearby shopping choices include: Tanger Outlets on Hwy. 501, just 7 miles away, Coastal Grand Shopping mall, simply 2.5 miles away and Broadway at the Beach, just 3.5 miles away. Do a quick search on the internet to find local specials.

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Enjoy That Family Trip With Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals Myrtle BeachThanksgiving is a great time to bring the family to Myrtle Beach for a weekend get-away. If you are dreading bringing the kids on your upcoming weekend family trip, consider staying at one of the many Myrtle Beach vacation rentals. This and making a few changes and preparations will surely make all your beach vacations memorable!

Here are some tips on how to make your family trips ultimately enjoyable with Myrtle Beach vacation rentals.

  1. Choose a rental with a balcony so that you can still enjoy a late night drink or chat while the kids are sleeping. This means you don’t have to go to bed early with the children or let the children stay up later than they are used to. If you have a baby, bring your baby monitor so you can still keep an eye on your little one while lounging around on the balcony. Evenings are still warm this time of year and a balcony will help you enjoy the evening.
  2. There are many Myrtle Beach vacation rentals that come with a kitchen, coffee maker, or mini fridge. With a kitchen and fridge, you can make your own breakfast and avoid waking the kids early and getting them dressed to go to the nearest restaurant, which is not the best way to start your day of vacation activities. Plus, keeping the fridge well stocked with food while you’re on vacation will ensure that the kids can eat anytime of the day and night without having to go out to a diner or convenience store.
  3. If your children have a personal brand of cereal that is not easily available everywhere, bring it with you. There is no other way to get your kids in the right mood than their favorite cereal! So never leave the house without them.

Family vacations should never end miserably! The adults can have as much fun as the kids with just a few changes on your trip and some important preparations. You don’t have to go on separate vacations just to ensure everybody will have fun. So plan your next vacation and finally have everyone smiling in all those family pictures!

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Renting An Oceanfront Condo In Myrtle Beach In The Fall

Oceanfront Condo Myrtle BeachFrom the United States, there is a lot of amazing holiday destinations and Myrtle Beach is one of the best. At this beach, you are going to be spoiled for selection when it involves accommodation. You can choose to stay in a townhouse, condominium or the famous Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos.

Getting an occasional vacation is one thing that many people in all walks of life look forward to. This offers them the very much wanted possibility to take it easy, unwind and have exciting time with buddies playing golf or enjoying time with spouse and children. Deciding on a holiday destination can from time to time be fairly challenging as you will find a lot of holiday destinations that are very affordable especially in the fall.

Myrtle Beach is situated in South Carolina alongside the attractive coastline. It’s one of the leading Beaches inside the USA. It truly is well-known like a loved one’s vacation spot. That is mainly because the spot has many leisure choices, mild environment as well as a wide range of accommodation. It’s a perfect vacation spot for any individual who desires a getaway with close friends, a quiet, luxurious retreat or even an exciting filled family trip.

By far the most preferred accommodation with this area the oceanfront condos. They are generally in the type of apartments with shared utilities, hallways, exterior areas and elevators. They can be obtainable for sale, lease or seasonal rental for a week or two or even up to three months. It is also doable as a timeshare.

This type of accommodation is located in strategic locations. Most of them are situated for the oceanfront. These are excellent for individuals who like awakening on the sound of the ocean. They have entirely equipped kitchens along with a balcony where a visitor can benefit from the magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. A person gets a spectacular view with the crystal blue waters of the coast plus the sandy beaches.

You’ll find various positive aspects of staying in a condo at this location in the fall. Because they have full kitchens, you can cook in the home and hence conserve some funds. You will find a lot of entertaining actions offered close to these luxurious accommodations. There are golf courses, shopping malls, restaurants and enjoyment joints around the region.

There are condos to suit all tastes and budgets. Most of them are in between 1 to 4 bedrooms. The dimensions to choose may rely on your finances and amount of people being accommodated. They have a total line of amenities which includes outdoor and indoor pools. Hot tubs and outdoor Jacuzzi are available also. The decor is certainly one of a variety plus designer home furniture and completely furnished kitchens. You’ll find workout services, entertainment centers, and lazy river rides amongst other activities. They are typically offered all year round.

The fall is a great time to visit Myrtle Beach.

  • Many of the vacationers have left which means lower rental prices.
  • The weather is still warm and the ocean inviting.
  • Most of the attractions are still open and many of the variety shows are offering holiday venues.
  • At most oceanfront condos the pools, Jacuzzis and lazy rivers are still open.

Give us a call today to reserve your getaway from the hustle and bustle before the holidays are upon us.

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Myrtle Beach is Back Open for Business After Hurricane Matthew

myrtle-beach-citypage-1Myrtle Beach is back open for business after Hurricane Matthew. Yes there is still clean up to do, but the weather is beautiful and the beach is calming. Most of the venues are open for business – so Come On Down Ya’ll!

This is from MyrtleBeach.com:

Days after Hurricane Matthew rocked the S.C. coast, many Myrtle Beach area hotels and businesses are back in business!

Visitors are advised to check with their individual hotels and rentals to ensure that they’re open, but many of our hotel partners are reporting that they are accepting guests.

Hurricane Matthew brought rain and winds to the Myrtle Beach area, downing trees and causing widespread power outages. Some hotels and attractions sustained minor damage. Sadly, Surfside Pier and Springmaid Pier both sustained major damage in the storm.

For more information on road closures, visit the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

Here are just a few of the upcoming events in Myrtle Beach:

9th Annual Octoberfest at Market Commons.

Friday 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Oktoberfest Beer, Pumpkin Patch, Food, Vendors, Kids Activities including face painting, inflatables and much more! LIve Music by Channelheimer Oompah German band, Bang-A-Rang and Painted Man. Visit the website for event details.

37th Annual Loris Bog-Off

Over 200 craft, retail and food vendors, 35,000 plus in attendance. Chicken Bog Cooking Contest, live music, fireworks, Free concert by National Country Artist, car & tractor show and much more. Come visit Loris for a day of fun. Free to the public.

Myrtle Beach Seafood Festival

Hosted by the Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation and the City of Myrtle Beach, the 2016 Myrtle Beach Seafood Festival is a destination event that will celebrate the multitude of local seafood restaurants and eateries along the Grand Strand!

The festival will be free to attend and in addition to a variety of seafood vendors, will offer kid-friendly activities, live entertainment, a beer & wine garden and corn hole tournament hosted by Coastal Tailgating.

Jim Quick & Coastline will be the opening entertainment performing from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The legendary group from Atlanta, Georgia known world wide as The Tams will headline the event from 5-7 p.m. Various artist will perform in between these incredible music icons.

Rock Back the Clock Music Festival

Oct. 15 – Rock Back The Clock Fest

La Belle Amie Vineyard’s
Rock Back The Clock Fest

Oct. 15, 2016
Little River, SC    10am-6pm

An afternoon of music, non-stop, from two talented bands.   Sunshine and salty ocean breezes to keep you comfortable.  Delicious outdoor cooking and a beautiful natural venue to help you relax/enjoy.  Plenty of fans and seating under the cabanas or the pavilion, on the decks or on the porches. The perfect place to enjoy a little wine and lots of friendly folks.   Grab a friend (or two) and head our way for a unique afternoon experience.  Bring a portable chair, or use one of ours if you arrive early enough.

ADMISSION:  $8.  Bring two canned/non-perishable items for the food bank and receive a $3 discount.

FOOD (12pm -4:00pm):  London Broil,  Smokin’ Pitt BBQ, and Sticky Fingers.   Cheese & Fruit trays available!

LIVE MUSIC (12:00-5:00 pm):  Carolina Midnight Band AND BY  LATITUDE

BEVERAGES by La Belle Amie Vineyard:  Wine, beer, water, sodas, and juices

Call us today for your beach vacation rentals and come join the fun.  We have pet friendly rentals available.

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Myrtle Beach Vacation In The Fall

Myrtle Beach VacationIt might be the end of the summer tourist season here in Myrtle Beach, but certainly not the close of the things that make our city a wonderful place to visit! For lots of people, this is the absolute best time to come and have a Myrtle Beach vacation on the ocean. Fall vacations here in Myrtle Beach have lots of advantages. Here are just a few!

Perks Of A Fall Myrtle Beach Vacation

The weather is still wonderful. The heat has eased off a bit and the stifling humidity has lifted. If you like summer, but not horrendous heat, the fall is the time to come to Myrtle Beach!

Warm, comfortable ocean waters. While the water in our area is warm most of the year, the fall season is wonderful to enjoy the ocean.

Most things are less expensive. The vendors and businesses in Myrtle Beach have begun to cater to our fall tourists by offering discounts and super deals on everything from restaurants to hotels and especially the attractions. There are many family friendly attractions and shows and after Labor Day, they all get cheaper!

And finally, perhaps one of the best reasons of all to enjoy a fall Myrtle Beach vacation is fewer crowds! If you don’t like standing in long lines or waiting around for an hour just to be seated in a restaurant, then fall is a great time to come visit Myrtle Beach. The kids have gone back to school and the laid-back lifestyle that the locals enjoy has finally kicked in.

The atmosphere in Myrtle Beach is always fun and family friendly, but if you don’t like all the craziness of summer, then the calmer atmosphere of the fall months may be just the ticket for your perfect vacation! Come and be spoiled by our southern hospitality and go hunting for seashells on the nearly empty beaches first thing in the morning. Fall vacations here in Myrtle Beach have a charm all their own and we have lots of perfect condos and hotel rooms calling your name with the ocean breeze right outside the door!

Give us a call to book your oceanfront condo for your fall Myrtle Beach vacation.

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Characteristics Of The Best Oceanfront Condo Rentals

Oceanfront Condo Rentals Myrtle BeachA successful vacation often always comes down to the quality of oceanfront condo rentals you choose to stay in. Although you would not really spend a lot of time in the rental while you’re on vacation as you would spend most of your time touring around and doing various types of activities, it is also important to ensure that you would come home and spend the night in a comfortable rental.

For most vacationers, the rental they choose will make or break the success of their vacation. Regardless of the temporary setting and despite the limited time they will actually be spending in the rental, they treat rentals as their home away from their homes; thus, would often expect the same level of comfort and convenience offered by their own homes.

Here are some of the characteristics you should look for in Oceanfront condo rentals to ensure that you will have your own home away from home in your next vacation.

  1. Offers more than what they feature in their image ads

The first thing you would most probably be looking for when viewing a rental ad are the images of the rooms and other accommodations. These images are what will primarily prompt you to make the call and learn more about the rental and probably, schedule a site visit as well. You know you have the right rental when you see more than what they revealed in their images. When you do a site visit and you see bigger and wider rooms, more comfortable bed and more added features, then you know that rental is worth considering.

  1. Provide access to other necessary services

Of course, not everything you will need in your vacation will be provided by oceanfront condo rentals. For example, they wouldn’t be able to provide you with transportation or a tour guide – although there are some rentals that are considering including these in their services. Despite this, the best rental would take the initiative to compile a list of contractors that you can consider for services that you might need. They will provide assistance in contacting the best and trusted contractors and service providers in the area to ensure your safety, security, and utmost enjoyment in your vacation.

  1. Provide access to technology and the internet

Today, everyone needs to be connected to the internet not only to be connected to your business or work, but also to do other important things that you need for your vacation. Such as making a reservation to a restaurant while you are still on tour or checking your credit card balance to make sure you have enough funds to last your vacation. Also, having internet connection in the rental particularly helps your entire vacation party connected should some decide to stay in the rental and enjoy the pool, spa or gym.

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