Pet Friendly Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Pet Friendly Vacation RentalsIf you’re not comfortable vacationing without your dogs, then you should start looking for pet friendly Myrtle Beach vacation rentals. That or you and your loyal pets will have to endure a weekend away from each other – you at a place where you’re supposed to relax and distress and your dog on their own at your house or at a doggy hotel – can be stressful.

Well, if you’ve chosen the latter, then obviously, the very purpose of your vacation which is to relax and distress will be forfeited. Hence, you will have to look for vacation spots with accommodations suitable for individuals and their pets. These types of vacation rentals are almost the same as the average bed and breakfast. The only difference is that they allow people with pets to stay and use their amenities. Some even has specific amenities for animals! You will just have to spend time in looking for the right vacation rental for you and your four-legged friend.

Here are some of the top things you should consider when looking for Myrtle Beach vacation rentals that are pet friendly.

Look for a location where you feel your dog is welcome

There are many available Myrtle Beach vacation rentals. But if you are bringing along your dog for a weekend getaway, make sure the place where you plan to stay welcomes pets. And of course see to it that the rental has accommodations that will suit both you and your dog.

Learn about their policies and guidelines

Some pet friendly vacation rentals have strict policies and guidelines for vacationers with pets. Most common rule is that pets should be kept well-behaved at all times and that they stay on certain premises only. Some impose fines for failure to comply with these rules and regulations. Others require a non-refundable pet deposit that will be used to cover any damage that your pet may have caused to the facility.

Ask if there are weight restrictions

There are pet friendly vacation rentals that allow pets within a certain weight range only. Find out if the facility you are about to rent has weight restrictions so that you’ll know early on whether your dog is allowed or not.

Find out if they offer pet accommodations

Some vacation rentals do not only allow pets to stay and use certain parts of the facility. Others actually offer specific accommodations for animals. These include pet beds, bowls, toys, and treats. Basically, their main goal is to help you make your pet feel comfortable and safe in his new surroundings.

No one says you cannot enjoy your vacation with your pets. You just need to look for the right accommodations and facility that will satisfy both your needs.

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