Why Book The Palm House Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Myrtle BeachThere are many pet friendly vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach. Each has their own set of rules and regulations that vacationers and travelers should follow. Each offers different features for you and your family and for your pets as well. One of the vacation rentals that you should consider for your next vacation with your beloved pets is The Palm House.

Features of The Palm House

The Palm House is most known as one of the greatest pet friendly vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach. It offers a clean and spacious environment for you, your family and your pets. The house can sleep up to 11 individuals with its 3 bedrooms and wide family room. There are 2 baths, kitchen and grills for when you and your group would prefer dining in.

The best thing about this vacation rental is that it is situated close to everything that you will be visiting during your vacation – the beach, trails and a wide selection of dining areas and shopping centers. Among the sites that you may want to visit include golf courses, water parks and thrilling attractions such as Family Kingdom, The Palace Theater, and Ripley’s Aquarium. The rental also includes a paved driveway that can park 2 vehicles.

A pet friendly getaway

If you are looking to spend your vacation with your beloved pets, you will find it best to stay at The Palm House. It is one of the best pet friendly vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach as evidenced by its wide and spacious backyard where your pets can lounge or play around. This yard is completely fenced in ensuring your dogs will not be able to walk away from your sight. This also ensures that you would not have any problems with the neighbors.

While watching your pets play at the yard, you can relax at the screened patio or have a picnic with your family or friends right on the backyard. It features everything you need from picnic table and benches and a nice gourmet barbecue grill. So instead of reserving for an expensive dinner, consider shopping for your own food and having a barbecue dinner with the whole gang.

Clean and spacious

Although there are pet friendly vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach, The Palm House is one of the few that considers your needs as well as that of your pets. This is why it boasts of a clean and spacious abode for your whole family including your beloved dogs. Every area inside and outside the house is highly maintained to remain spotless. Every appliance inside the house – including kitchen tools, air conditioners and ceiling fans – are in efficient working condition to ensure high satisfaction from all vacationers every time they visit.

The Palm House places high value to the comfort and satisfaction of their vacationers. After all, part of the reason they went on a vacation is to relax and have fun. And they can only achieve this through a comfortable accommodation.

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