Things You May Not Have Known About Vacation Rentals

Myrtle Beach vacation rentalIf you love traveling, you may have gotten used to booking hotels. But have you ever tried staying in a vacation rental? This option is currently representing a great unknown, which can be the primary reason why it is the subject of countless myths. Given that, we have decided to come up with a list of things that you may not have known about vacation rentals.

Daily Maid Service

The majority of rental owners make sure that their condo rental is properly cleaned before a new guest arrives. Most of them offer maid services on a day to day basis to make sure that the place is as tidy as a hotel room. They know that dirty rentals get bad reviews and do not last that long in the hospitality industry. Contrary to the common notion, vacation rentals have housekeepers who will make sure that your room is spotlessly clean when you arrive.


Many owners treat their condo rentals as a business and that means they will try to get as many clients as possible. Some travelers think that the Myrtle Beach vacation rental owner will check on them every day to make sure that the place is in good condition. That is not the case. They will only show up upon your request because they respect your privacy.

Rental Scams

Among the primary sources of apprehension is the news about rental scams. Nobody wants to land in an unknown place and find out that the vacation rental you booked does not exist and the security deposit you paid for is gone. However, rental scams are not that common and they can be avoided too. Only do business with rental owners who have documented online rental history like regular listings, reviews, complaints filed in the Better Business Bureau and etc. Steer clear of free listing sites as possible especially those that do not verify the owners’ identity.

Security Deposit

You may be asked to pay for at least $500 as a security deposit. It’s no wonder why many travelers get so worried. However, that amount cannot compare to the lifetime value of having a happy and satisfied client and that means a good vacation rental owner will not jeopardize their customer’s repeat business by keeping the money without any good explanation. Surely, rental owners want to protect their business against abusive renters, but when it comes to building goodwill, many of these rental owners usually ignore the occasional spill on their couch just to keep your business.

Great Service

Most rental owners hire out property managers who are tasked to take care of daily issues with the vacation rental. This includes any concerns that may arise throughout the duration of your stay. It is better if you go with a vacation rental that has a property manager. He or she will handle any concerns you may have. The property manager will act on it immediately to make sure that you have a satisfactory, enjoyable, and memorable stay.

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