Unplugging While On Myrtle Beach Vacation

Myrtle Beach VacationHow many times have you vowed to leave it all behind while on your Myrtle Beach vacation? Let’s face it; we all love the idea of escaping daily life and leaving behind every trace of technology or anything that makes us available to the outside world. Because, after all, we ARE on vacation, right? But even with the best intentions, we usually don’t keep this commitment. Checking in on Facebook or e-mail is just too tempting, holding us like hostages to the digital world! So just how does one break the chains of technology while on vacation?

A Few Tips For Unplugging While On Myrtle Beach Vacation

Keep in mind that when people know you’re on vacation and then see one post from you on your status, the floodgates have now been opened and boundaries removed.

If you just can’t leave your gadgets at home, then at least set a couple of rules ahead of time. For instance, limit your time on the computer to 30 minutes. Even better is if you do this at the same time each day so you will be sure to have quality time with your family—which is why you’re on vacation to begin with, right? And make a purposeful decision to not allow any gadget use during mealtimes. This means cell phones or laptops. The only thing on the table at mealtimes should be food, not smartphones!

We understand that most likely, you will not leave all your gadgets at home, and we all want our phones in case of emergency, but be deliberate about making sure you control your technology and not the other way around. Do all you can to stay mentally relaxed and enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation.

We live in the digital age so it’s hard to imagine life without it, but now we have to completely “re-learn” how to take a real vacation! But if you are tempted to tweet, text, browse or blog, then do it only in small amounts. Enjoy the view of the ocean and not your LED screen!

If you’re determined to unplug while on vacation, then give us a call first and let us help you get that perfect Myrtle Beach vacation house or condo. THEN, come and unplug—literally! Your time off awaits you.

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