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If you are looking for Myrtle Beach Condo RentalsMyrtle Beach condos, or Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals, we welcome you to Ocean Front Condo Rentals.

You’ll enjoy all our Myrtle Beach vacation rentals as well as oceanfront fun, sandy beaches, great golf, world class entertainment and fabulous shopping.

By renting one of our immaculate Myrtle Beach properties directly from us, and not one of the hotels, you’ll save a bundle off the advertised Resort rates.

Fabulous Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals

We have fabulous Myrtle Beach vacation rentals. Enjoy ocean front condo rentals at Compass Cove Resort, The Palm House, South Seas Town House,Grand Atlantic Resort. When you reserve your vacation rental through us, you will enjoy shopping, catching a show at one of the entertainment complexes, dining at many of the fine restaurants, or enjoy the amusement and water parks. Myrtle Beach South Carolina has something for everyone. Come vacation with us.

All units feature the best amenities that Myrtle Beach SC has to offer. Each Myrtle Beach condo has a private balcony with extraordinary views. We offer Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals and Myrtle Beach Condo Sales and Myrtle Beach Real Estate Sales.

Oceanfront Condo is an extraordinary resource for visitors looking for Myrtle Beach condos, Myrtle Beach condo rentals, Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, or Myrtle Beach house rentals. A fun-filled Grand Strand family vacation can be packed with many exciting activities for the whole family. It’s hard to beat Myrtle Beach! With over 60 miles of beaches, over a hundred golf courses – Myrtle Beach is the golf capital of the east coast- fun amusement parks, Myrtle Beach condos and Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, and a hot night life, visitors have a ton of fun and relaxing activities to choose. There is something for everyone here in Myrtle Beach. Visitors to some of our Myrtle Beach condos can enjoy oceanfront rentals, fishing in the surf playing the many miniature golf courses, choosing from over 1700 restaurants, dining on fresh seafood, or just taking a relaxing walk on the beach.

Vacation on the Grand Strand and build lifelong memories. At Oceanfront Condo Rentals, we specialize in the following areas: Myrtle Beach Condos, Myrtle Beach Accommodations, Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals, Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals, Myrtle Beach Golf Condo Rentals and Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Property Management.

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Myrtle Beach SC Boardwalk Ranked Among Top 10 in the Nation

Myrtle Beach BoardwalkThe Myrtle Beach Boardwalk has been called among the best boardwalks in the country, according to National Geographic.

The brand-new 1.2 mile pathway, which underwent nine months of construction and opened in 2010, was among the factors editors at National Geographic put the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk in their list of top 10 boardwalks in the country. The diverse options for shopping, dining, and entertaining has actually developed a hub of activity for Myrtle Beach and was acknowledged as innovative by the group that ranked the boardwalks.

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk has really become an iconic attraction along the Grand Strand,” said Brad Dean, CEO and president of the Myrtle Beach Location Chamber of Commerce. “The concerts, dining establishments, shops, arcades and crowds of visitors shows that buying this stunning walkway was an important action in the Myrtle Beach location’s continued evolution into a world-class beach location.”

The following boardwalks were listed on top 10 in the nation by National Geographic;

– Atlantic City Boardwalk– Atlantic City, N.J.

– Coney Island Boardwalk– Brooklyn, N.Y.

– Myrtle Beach Boardwalk– Myrtle Beach, S.C.

– Ocean City Boardwalk– Ocean City, Md.

– Ocean Front Stroll– Venice Beach, Calif.

– Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk– Rehoboth Beach, Del.

– Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk– Santa Cruz, Calif.

– Sandwich Boardwalk– Sandwich, Mass.

– Virginia Beach Boardwalk– Virginia Beach, Va.

– Wildwoods Boardwalk– Wildwoods, N.J

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is absolutely a should see for visitors to the location. Family friendly tourist attractions are boundless along the Boardwalk and consist of the SkyWheel, the Second Opportunity Pier in addition to Pyler Park.

Are you planning a trip to Myrtle Beach this summer? Now is the time to call and book your oceanfront condo. We also have pet friendly vacation rentals available but availability and selection is dwindling. Call today.

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Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals

Are you looking for the ideal Myrtle Beach condo for your Summer vacation? Let Oceanfront Condo Rentals help you plan your vacation and find the condo that suits your vacation needs. Take a look at the complexes that have rentals available:

Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals

Compass Cove


We also have private town homes available for rental. For more information, click the links below.


South Seas

South Seas is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhome and is located only 12 blocks from Family Kingdom Amusement Park.  Newly remodeled, this home has everything you will need for a perfect family vacation.

Palm House

Palm house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a fabulous open floor plan for entertaining. There are 4 tv’s, a gourmet barbecue grill, new appliances, and Your Pets are Welcome!


Myrtle Beach SC Condo Rentals- Oceanfront Condo

We are an extraordinary resource for visitors looking for Myrtle Beach condos, Myrtle Beach condo rentals, Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, or Myrtle Beach house rentals. At Oceanfront Condo Rentals, we specialize in the following areas: Myrtle Beach Condos, Myrtle Beach Accommodations, Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals, Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals, Myrtle Beach Golf Condo Rentals and Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Property Management. We have fabulous Myrtle Beach vacation rentals. Enjoy ocean front condo rentals at Compass Cove ResortThe Palm HouseSouth Seas Town House,Grand Atlantic Resort. When you reserve your vacation rental through us, you will enjoy shopping, catching a show at one of the entertainment complexes, dining at many of the fine restaurants, or enjoy the amusement and water parks. Myrtle Beach South Carolina has something for everyone. Come vacation with us!  (843) 236-6623

Oceanfront Condo Rentals
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Smart Tips for a Better Beach Vacation

Beach Vacation Myrtle BeachWhere do lifeguards look first when a child is lost on the beach? What everyday product makes sand fall away from skin? How can you take the pain out of a jellyfish sting? Our readers offer their best tips for a stress-free beach getaway:

Lifeguards tell us that when a young child is separated from the family, the first place they look is downwind? Wonder why? Because most children will follow the path of least resistance and walk with the wind – not against it. So if you are missing a kid or two, follow the wind.

After a day at the beach are you covered with sand? Do you hate to get into the car to drive back to your accommodations? Even if you are in walking distance, sand can chafe on your skin and cause irritation. Carry baby powder to the beach. Then sprinkle it on your skin and sand will fall right off.

Collecting sea shells can be fun while on your beach vacation. However, collecting “live” shells such as sand dollars, starfish or sea urchins is prohibited in some areas. Always check with the lifeguard or someone at your accommodations regarding the local rules.

Unfortunately there is always the treat of jellyfish or sand flies. Carry a spray bottle of white vinegar in your beach bag to get the sting right out.

Myrtle Beach is a popular beach town and local attractions can be pricy. Keep your eye out for coupon books such as the Monster book or Sunny Days for discounts on restaurants, attractions, fishing cruises and sightseeing.

Stores near the beach will often charge an arm and a leg to rent items such as beach boards or rafts for a few hours. Your best bet is to stop by a Dollar Store or Family Dollar on your way into town and buy the toys you need. Then bless another family on your last day by giving them the items you have left.

You can prevent your kids from getting lost when at the beach by bringing a very bright umbrella, then setup camp near a lifeguard or pier. This will make it easy for your kids to spot where you are should they wonder off down the beach.

Traveling with very small children or infants? While you are at the Dollar store, pick up a small inflatable baby pool. Then when you go to the beach, set it up next to your beach chairs and fill it with a few inches of water. She can enjoy the feel of being at the beach without the hazard of playing in the surf.

What are your tips for a safe Myrtle Beach vacation? Post your pointers on our Facebook page.

Ready to book your summer vacation? Call us today for great rates on oceanfront condos.

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How to Avoid Fake Online Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Myrtle Beach Vacation RentalsSummer Myrtle Beach vacation season is almost upon us. Unfortunately, a growing number of people have been getting scammed on fake Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Getaway preparations typically start with excitement, optimism and nowadays the Web. The online search leads far into a world of glossy pictures, detailed blurbs and, naturally, numerous promises of customer satisfaction. Even if you’re not inclined to lease a stranger’s home, you might find that for the most popular locations, standard hotels are reserved or insufficient. So leasing a villa is a natural option. According to the Getaway Rental Managers Association, 24 percent of leisure tourists report having actually stayed in a vacation home, up from around 11 percent in 2008.

Prior to the Internet, the look for a personal vacation rental was slow and impractical. It included trading a great deal of telephone calls, mailing printed packages and collaborating to solve all kinds of issues. Hoteliers like Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide Holdings and Hyatt Hotels built empires based on the wealthy traveler’s desire for luxury and fear of dealing with this process.

Then along came online websites like Craigslist, VRBO and Airbnb. All of a sudden, we’re in the state of mind to share.
For the most part, the rise of all this home sharing has actually been favorable. Advanced channels like Airbnb and HomeAway try especially hard to safeguard renters by providing secure payment, user comments and star ratings. But even they are not immune from deceit.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals rip-offs can be found in various kinds. Some Web portals are run by technologists with no connection to the actual property. Through smart search engine optimization, these websites draw in users, and after that sell the rental to a real agent, who offsets the expense with higher rent.

The worst scams seduce potential travelers with amazing images of fictitious rental properties. When the occupant is hooked, the scammer gathers an up-front “security deposit” and runs for the hills. Victims are left uninformed they’ve been cheated till weeks later, when they appear at the address with their travel luggage in hand.

Other variations on the rip-off are just slightly less deceptive. Some fakes use the bait-and-switch approach by showing unavailable properties, just to divert the occupant to another, less desirable spot. Other tricksters may double-book a building, then send whichever tourist arrives last to a second-rate backup, together with sincere apologies.

You’re too intelligent to be drawn into any of these rip-offs, right? Oceanfront Property Management in Myrtle Beach is my company, so I felt the very same thing. Then I attempted leasing a villa in Aspen, Colorado, for a summer vacation.

I discovered lots of exceptional online listings– only to discover after contacting their assumed representatives that the homes were always reserved. After many failed shots and long telephone call I realized I was being fooled. I stopped browsing and worked with a premium local realty broker to show me genuine listings.

Why aren’t local police cracking down? Maybe because the dollar figures associated with each case simply isn’t enough to justify a close examination. The victims, by definition, don’t live anywhere near the jurisdiction of the reported crime. Frequently, the criminals do not either.

So how do you safeguard yourself? Here’s a list of 10 methods to fight a Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals rip-off:

  1. Do not be deceived by photography. In particular, watch out for the nicest-looking, many Photoshopped property pictures. Ask the owner for extra images– an honest lessor will constantly have them. Or ask your representative to use technology like FaceTime or Skype to show you the building live. At a minimum, utilize Google Earth and Google’s Street View function to verify that the property you’re leasing really exists at the address advertised. You can likewise use those Google tools to get an unvarnished look at the homes exterior.
  2. Be careful of the least expensive homes or oceanfront condos. If prices seem too good to be true, they most likely are. If you do not have a feel for what a reasonable cost to stay in an area, get one. Fraudsters frequently pursue people who aren’t that savvy. And drive a difficult deal– not simply to obtain a much better deal, also to discover odd habits from the other party.
  3. Never pay with cash. The preferred methods of payment amongst crooks are cash and cash-transfer services like MoneyGram and Western Union. Use a charge card instead– Visa, MasterCard and American Express will all permit you to recuperate money you lose to fraud. Trustworthy websites like will hold your security funds in escrow.
  4. Utilize a relied on local representative. Yes, you should anticipate to pay them. However they can reveal to you authentic listings or go take a look at the homes that you have actually seen on the Internet for you. Make certain to inspect their license.
  5. Confirm legitimacy. For ownership and all files, confirm that the owner’s name on the lease is the same as the one revealed on public property appraiser records. Then have a lawyer evaluation the lease, much like you would a full-year arrangement.
  6. Read the comments. The feedback from previous occupants that appears on sites like Google or Trip Advisor is indispensable. And sometimes, you’re even permitted to lead to questions to other users.
  7. Trust your instincts. If you use some skepticism to the process, you’re more likely to see red flags. You’re likewise most likely to catch suspicious habits.
  8. Take your time. No need to rush. For long getaways, think about going ahead of time to take a look at the property, or not renting a home for the first week– remain at a hotel for a few nights. It will offer you a chance to see the property you’re leasing personally prior to turning over your security deposit.
  9. Be a regular. If you rent a home you like, stay with it. You’ll develop a relationship with the owner or property manager if you return to the very same place year in, year out– and prevent the risk of being scammed on a new home. If you’re traveling to a new place, look for a buddy who lives there and will give you truthful feedback on possible rentals, great communities, etc
  10. Beware of groupthink. If you’re vacationing with a half-dozen other people, everybody tends to figure that someone else is paying attention to the details and making certain the group isn’t getting duped. Then, when the remarkable six-bedroom location you all rented together is no place to be found and your down payment vaporizes, everyone’s pointing fingers.

We offer several types of Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals and have been servicing the area for years. Call us today to check availability.

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Myrtle Beach Vacation In-Law Survival Tips

Myrtle Beach VacationAdding in-laws to the picture of any family vacation can be tough. But sometimes, traveling together just makes sense. If you are in the right mind frame, your Myrtle Beach vacation can actually become even better with your in-laws along. Following are our three tips for survival when traveling to Myrtle Beach with your in-laws.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Survival Tips

1. Plan to have some time apart. This might actually be the best tip of all. It’s all fine and good to travel with in-laws, but be sure to plan some healthy time away from each other. And don’t go spending all your “time apart” complaining and nagging about in-law issues or arguing with your spouse. Make this time apart be just to enjoy yourself. If you can plan this time apart each day you’re on your Myrtle Beach vacation, that’s even better. We’re not talking huge excursions here-just a couple of hours away will help you and them to be more refreshed and able to enjoy family time.

If you can, mix it up and vary your time spent apart. During some activities on your Myrtle Beach vacation, you might want to take the kids along and give your in-laws time to themselves. During some different outings, leave the kids with the in-laws so you and your spouse can catch some quality time alone. But be sure and plan these things ahead.

2. Communicate clearly about what you want. Communication gaps can be one of the most frustrating aspects of traveling with any family members, especially your in-laws. Be sure you and your spouse talk ahead of time about who is going to discuss what with the in-laws and deciding just what you all want from the trip. Understand also that this includes communicating your wishes about taking time on your own to explore as well as having quality time with them. Make sure everyone understands that you will need time on your own during the Myrtle Beach Vacation and that you want them to be free as well.

If you haven’t already, it is helpful to go ahead and talk about financial aspects of your trip. Who’s paying for what, and so forth. How will food and lodging be paid for on your Myrtle Beach vacation? It might feel a bit awkward to talk these things through, but if you can vacation together, you can certainly get through talking about money together!

3. Adjust your attitude and keep a positive mindset. Don’t approach your trip with a sense of dread. That’s no fun for anyone. Rather, keep an open mind, low expectations and an attitude of gratitude for your in-laws. This attitude can be the key in making it a fantastic trip that you’re all eager to repeat.

Taking additional people can be a strain on any trip, but the emotional boundaries and ties that in-laws bring to the dynamic can bring unique challenges. Being sure to express your appreciation for them for things like baby-sitting and other help, can go a long way in helping all of you enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation. Life is too short not to spend time with loved ones and family so go do it and know it’s time well spent!

We have large accommodations which can handle you and the in-laws. Call us today to book your Myrtle Beach vacation.

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We can help you plan your Myrtle Beach

What you Need to Know about Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Myrtle Beach Vacation RentalsIf you are looking for the perfect vacation spot, consider Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is located along the Grand Strand on the state’s Atlantic coast, which makes it accessible to tourists and visitors. This is also the reason why it is considered as one of the leading vacation spots in the country.

Myrtle Beach is indeed the perfect destination and a great weekend or week long getaway for the entire family. It boasts magnificent golf courses and a wonderful sandy coastline. If you’ve been searching for that perfect place to relax, where you could peacefully enjoy, you should definitely head to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

In addition to the amazing attractions that the area offers, you can also find Myrtle Beach vacation rentals and great accommodations conveniently placed throughout the area. This is to ensure you spend more of your time enjoying the various attractions and water activities rather than in commuting and traveling. Each vacation rental promises all the amenities and comfort you need to ensure a great and memorable outing. Whether you are vacationing with the whole family, visiting with your friends, or traveling alone, Myrtle Beach has everything you’ll need – from ultimately fun and exciting attractions to relaxing and comfortable accommodations.

For you to enjoy more on your vacation here are some info on Myrtle Beach vacation rentals.

When vacationing for the purposes of checking out the area’s local golf courses, there are rental homes situated on various golf courses throughout the area. These rental homes are conveniently placed near the amazing golf courses in the area, a mere distance that you could walk within minutes. You can even see these amazing golf courses from your window and bask on the wonderful courses built based from the most challenging and famous layouts in the world.

When vacationing to relax in a quiet place surrounded by a natural setting, there are also magnificent vacation homes in Myrtle Beach placed the area’s most natural setting. These accommodations are surrounded by lush greens and trees, providing you with a peaceful and quiet setting where you could easily forget that fast-paced city bustle. It’s easy to wake up to singing birds and enjoy the grand view of the entire beach and luscious greens as you relax from the balcony. Many of these rentals are also pet-friendly vacation rentals so there is no need to leave your special pet at home.

When visiting to spend time on the beach, you can stay in one of the ocean view condos in Myrtle Beach. These vacation rentals offer all the amenities that an ordinary condo has plus it is conveniently situated near the beach providing you with instant access to the coast. Among the many amenities that Myrtle Beach condos offer are indoor and outdoor pools, water parks, tiki bars, and fully equipped exercise rooms. This is to ensure you have immediate access to any activity you might want to do for the day.

When vacationing with the whole family on the beach, there are also house or townhome rentals directly on the beach. This allows you to spend more time in playing on the beach and enjoying the sand, sun, and water instead of looking for parking spaces and packing your supplies for the entire day. These vacation rentals have all the comfort and convenience of a home with instant access to the beach. Relax to the continuous sound of the waves and let that warm fine sand tickle your toes.

When vacationing to bask in the breathtaking beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, you can opt to stay in one of the accommodations placed along the South Carolina coast. These are the perfect vacation spots if you are visiting to spend some relaxing and quiet time with plenty of sun and the magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean.
There are lots of vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Whatever your purpose is for vacationing in the area, there will surely be a rental home for your needs.

Contact us for Myrtle Beach vacation rentals that include oceanfront condos, town homes and single family homes located near the ocean.

Oceanfront Condo Rentals
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Why Consider Pet Friendly Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Pet Friendly Myrtle BeachIf you want to go on a vacation with your dog or cat, you should consider pet friendly Myrtle Beach vacation rentals. Many of the rentals in Myrtle Beach, SC have pet friendly features and additions to accommodate the needs of the furry members of your family. Their primary goal is for you to have a comfortable and ultimately relaxing vacation. If you are planning to bring your dog or cat along, Myrtle Beach vacation rentals will make sure their needs are taken care of so you do not have to stress about it.

Each pet friendly Myrtle Beach vacation rental has appropriate and necessary features to ensure the safety and comfort of your pets. In addition to these, there are lots of other pet services all around the area to service your pet needs. Among these services are:

  • Pet groomers – If this is the first time your pet will go to the beach, it will surely be difficult for you to control them and they are likely to have a blast at the beach. At the end of the day, your pet will be full of beach sand and very messy. This is when you will certainly benefit from the services of a pet groomer. Many of these are conveniently placed near the beach so your pet will not have to leave a trail of mess behind you as you leave the beach.
  • Veterinarian – Should anything unexpected happen to your dog, there are a couple of veterinarians in Myrtle Beach to provide care and treatment for your pets. Even though you keep a watchful eye on your pets and the entire area is certified safe for pets, your dog or cat can still get into trouble. They could unintentionally hurt themselves, accidentally eat something they are not supposed to eat or, worse, get into an accident. Whatever the situation may be, there are veterinarians all around Myrtle Beach to assist you in caring for and treating your pets.
  • Pet sitters and day care – There are still some spots in Myrtle Beach that are not yet considered pet-friendly. These areas are either not yet safe for your pets or cannot be made safe for your pets such as certain bike trails or mountain trails. If you have included these places as part of your vacation itinerary and you did not realize that your pets are not allowed, you do not have to worry because there are pet sitters and day care centers where you can leave your dogs and cats while you go on a hike. These have the proper certifications and necessary licenses to be able to care for your pets and ensure their safety and comfort.

The good news is that contact information of these Myrtle Beach pet services is provided to you as soon as you check in with your rental. In addition to these, there are also other pet friendly Myrtle Beach establishments and tourist spots that you may want to explore and visit while you are in the area.

Many of the beaches in Myrtle Beach, SC are already pet friendly. On the other hand, when visiting these places, you should keep in mind the following:

  • You need to bring your own materials to properly dispose their wastes;
  • Ensure your pet is hydrated, considering he will be spending lots of time outdoors under the sun;
  • Have a shade ready for your dog or apply sunscreen for dogs on them to ensure they won’t get irritated by the sun’s heat;
  • Be aware and abide by the area’s rules and regulations regarding bringing of pets in the beach

Need professional assistance looking for pet friendly Myrtle Beach vacation rentals? Call Oceanfront Condo Rentals now.

Oceanfront Condo Rentals
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Myrtle Beach Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Booking Tips

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo RentalsMore and more travelers are opting to stay in Myrtle Beach pet friendly vacation rentals than in hotels primarily because of the flexibility and high comfort it provides at an affordable price. This is especially beneficial if you are vacationing with a group of people such as your friends and family.

Unfortunately, because of their continuous popularity, fraudulent rental ads are now scattered throughout the country. Sometimes their strategies seem real and legit until you arrive on the day of your vacation and realize that the inviting and relaxing rental you saw in the photos is actually an empty building. And, when you contact the owner to verify, they can no longer be reached.

There are lots of other condo rentals out there that could save your vacation from being ruined. On the other hand, it will be difficult for you to forget about the money you paid to reserve the rental, and, the time and excitement you put into the preparation process. To avoid all this regret and disappointment, it is important that you be very careful and vigilant while checking out Myrtle Beach pet friendly vacation rentals. Before making your final decision and booking for a rental, here are some things that you might want to keep in mind.

• Spend more time reading through comments and reviews. One of your best sources for honest and legit information about the rental you are considering booking is the comments and reviews. On the other hand, be sure to spend a lot of time reading through them. Do not stop when you see several four or five star rating and good comments such as “great view, very relaxing” or “enjoyed our stay, will definitely come back”.

You might be surprised to find lots of helpful bits of information from reading through reviews if you will just spend a little more time in digging deeper. You are basically looking for reviews that tell something about the rental such as the condition of the water heater or the number of available seating and space. Bear in mind that these types of reviews are often buried deep into the feedbacks and reviews.

• Verify and confirm all the fees that you need to pay. Keep in mind that the rental fees are not the only expense you will pay for. Most often, the rates indicated in most ads of Myrtle Beach pet friendly vacation rentals are not final. These change when you choose a date and by the time you are booking.

Moreover, you should also consider inquiring about other fees that you will pay for because in addition to the rental fee, some rentals have additional fees that they require the vacationer to pay such as utilities bills, cable and internet, cleaning fees. While you are asking about this, you might as well ask whether or not they accept credit card payments so that you can prepare cash in case they prefer this mode of payment.

• Read the rental ad description very thoroughly. If you need more information about the rental, all you need to do is read through the advertisement. Everything you need to know is indicated in the ad. This will save you time from calling the rental and making a phone inquiry. When reading through the ad, look for important bits of details about the rental such as the condition of the a/c unit and parking options. Many rental owners will also include information about their rules and limitations in their rental ad.

Need professional help looking for Myrtle Beach pet friendly vacation rentals? Call Oceanfront Condo Rentals now.

Oceanfront Condo Rentals
2311 South Ocean Boulevard
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(843) 236-6623

More Tips In Finding Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo Rentals

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo RentalsAs the demand for Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo rentals among vacationers and travelers increase, the number of online resources designed to help people book more quickly and more efficiently also increases. On the other hand, the increase in the number of available resources online is overwhelming for a first time traveler that it can sometimes cause confusion and frustration. This, thus, makes the entire process of looking for the best vacation rental for you and your family more challenging and difficult.

Keep in mind that there are thousands of vacation rentals available all over the world. Considering this, a first time traveler would find himself at a loss on where to start. In addition to certain features, one is also looking for the best vacation rental deal. Moreover, you also want to ensure you and your family’s safety during your vacation.

To help you with your quest n finding the best and most suitable Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo rentals, here are some expert tips:

• Check out helpful vacation rental listing sites – There are lots of vacation rental sites that can help you find and book a rental for your family. You want a rental listing that will make it easy for you to compare features and prices. You will also benefit more with listings that allow you to contact the rental owner directly if you need more information about the rental. Aside from the price and features, you also want to compare the views and condition of the rentals.

• Enlist professional assistance from a realtor – You can consider working with a local realtor to make the process even more efficient. Contact the Chamber of Commerce in the city where you will be vacationing and find a local realtor who will help you book a suitable rental for your vacation. Note, however, that you will need to pay for a professional fee of the realtor and his commission can add to your rental fee.

• Start your search early – If you want a wide range of selections for Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo rentals, you will need to start your search earlier. You should take into consideration the number of travelers who visit the area repeatedly around the same time that you will be having your vacation. You will be competing with them in booking for the most suitable and cost effective rental. To have an edge over the competition, start early. In addition to this, you are also likely to low rental rates and receive discount offers if you inquire and book during the off season.

• Clarify everything that you need and want – If you are bringing pets, make sure you inform the rental owner. He may not allow pets inside the rental or at certain parts of the property. If you are bringing small children with you during the vacation, you may want to inquire about the safety features of the house, particularly stair gates. Make sure that the rental you will be choosing is specifically suited to the needs of all the people coming with you for the vacation. Keep in mind their individual needs when deciding which rental to book.

For more information on Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo rentals, call Oceanfront Condo Rentals now.

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Are Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo Rentals Right For You?

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condo RentalsA lot of travelers are opting to stay in Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo rentals instead of hotels. Whether they are families, group of friends or colleagues or individual travelers, condo rentals seem like the best option for them. For families, it offers lots of living space at a much lower cost as compared to staying in the local hotels. For groups of friends or colleagues, it provides a different experience including living local cultures and traditions. For individual travelers, it allows them to live and be like a local.

If you are currently considering condo rentals for your next vacation, you do not have to worry because its popularity has paved the way for a never ending supply of vacation rentals to choose from. Recent reports reveal that vacation rentals are most popular with baby boomers going for an extended vacation, newlyweds looking for a unique and exotic honeymoon, and even weekend travelers who want to get away from the stress and pressure of their everyday life.

Below are some questions to ask yourself to help you determine whether or not staying in Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo rentals is right for you.

1. What will I gain with condo rentals?

Basically, you will have all the space that you need at a reduced price. This, thus, allows everyone in your group to sleep together comfortably, no sneaking in between rooms which is what you often do when staying in a hotel. In addition to this, you also have all the privacy that you need, which is perfect for couples going on a honeymoon. Most importantly, you have direct access to a kitchen, which allows you to prepare your own food anytime of the day and night, saving you huge amounts of money.

2. What will I not get?

Of course if vacation rentals have their perks, they also have downsides. The most common is that you will probably have to bring your own linens, clean up on your own, and rent beach equipment on site. Many vacation rentals also do not offer concierge service so you will have to think about either bringing your own car or renting a car on site. On the other hand, if you rented a place that is situated very near to all the places that you want to visit, you may not have to rent a car. You can just consider walking or using a bicycle.

Aside from these, it is also important to know that some vacation rentals are strict with their check-in dates, so you have to be on time when you first arrive. Keep in mind, however, that these downsides are different for each rental. Thus, you need to discuss and clarify these with the owner or operator when you call to inquire about their rental.

3. What vacation rentals are available for me?

Aside from Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo rentals, you can also consider renting an apartment or villa if you really want to experience the local traditions and cultures. For those who are looking for a unique and exotic experience, there are tree houses available for rent in Puerto Rico. If you want to experience the luxury offered in hotels but with the freedom and space offered by rentals, consider renting a penthouse. Your options are endless. Thus, if you plan to go on a vacation for summer next year, you should start looking for a rental now.

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